How to Clean Powder Coated Wheels

If you own powder coated wheels, it is essential to choose an appropriate cleaner. Harsh chemicals like all-purpose degreasers, oven cleaners and paint stripper could damage their finish causing irreparable harm to them.

Before being powder coated, alloy wheels undergo a chemical stripping and pressure washing process before being material blasted to eliminate corrosion and surface flaws.

Use a mild soap solution

Powder coated wheels should be regularly cleaned and protected just like any metallic surface; this includes their wheels. Because these are more visible than traditionally painted ones, they’re susceptible to dirt accumulation and discoloration more readily; so using a mild soap solution for their cleaning is recommended.

Though harsh chemical cleaners may seem attractive, you should refrain from using them to clean powder coated wheels as this could damage their surface and leave them vulnerable to unsightly fading and staining. Instead, look for one designed specifically for powder coated wheels as this will avoid this risk altogether.

First, combine mild soap solution and warm water into a solution and apply it directly onto the rims, using soft brushes or sponges, before thoroughly rinsing off any soap residue from them before proceeding with wheel cleaner. Once they’re clean, simply apply your preferred wheel cleaner!

Remove baked-on brake dust

powder coating may be more durable than paint, but it still needs to be regularly maintained. Excessive contact and weather conditions can damage wheels; for best results, wash rims at least once every month in order to prevent excessive brake dust build-up and preserve their finish.

When cleaning powder-coated rims, abrasive tools like scouring pads or steel wool should be avoided as these may damage the powder coat. Instead, a sponge or soft brush with mild soap solution should be sufficient in removing stubborn stains; alternatively a commercial cleaner designed specifically for powder-coated surfaces might provide better results in dealing with stubborn stains.

Avoid harsh chemicals like all-purpose degreasers, storm drain cleaners, oven cleaners and ammonia as these may strip off powder coating, leaving exposed metal vulnerable to oxidation and corrosion. Instead use something such as Torque Decon Wash Pack – an acid-neutral wheel cleaner or “lube” which is far less corrosive than traditional cleaners – as an effective and cost-efficient alternative.

Clean the rims regularly

Powder coating wheels is an effective way to preserve their beauty, but regular maintenance cleaning is necessary if they’re to remain corrosion resistant from road salt and grime buildup. If not maintained regularly, corrosion could develop more rapidly over time and compromise their integrity.

Cleaning powder coated wheels without harming their finish requires using a gentle soap solution. Harsh chemicals may strip away their finish and leave it susceptible to oxidization; all-purpose degreasers, oven cleaners, or paint removers should also be avoided as these could compromise its integrity.

Regularly cleaning your wheels will not only preserve their appearance, but will also prevent brake dust from damaging their finish if left untreated – so for optimal results you should perform at least one cleaning session each week.

Don’t use harsh chemicals

Harsh cleaners may damage powder coated wheels and cause them to appear patchy or worn-looking, so for maximum effectiveness use a gentle wheel and tire cleaner that maintains a pH balance.

As it can damage rims and wheels, sponges and soft brushes should be preferred when it comes to wheel cleaning. Scouring pads or steel wool should never be used on your wheels!

Maintaining powder-coated wheels requires some finesse, but it doesn’t have to be complex. By following these simple guidelines, your powder-coated wheels will remain looking their best for an extended period. With proper care and maintenance, rock chips and swirls may even be avoided with regular upkeep of your rims – an investment well worth making to protect the beauty of their beauty! So get out there and take good care of those rims; your wheels and rims will thank you.

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