How to Restore Powder Coated Patio Furniture

If your outdoor furniture is starting to show signs of age or you simply desire something different, instead of purchasing all-new patio chairs, consider refinishing. The results will be truly outstanding!

Chemical strippers can corrode aluminum. Instead, try sanding off the powder coating using 120 grit sandpaper to get it off.

Patio Furniture Cleaning

If your powder coated patio furniture has become filthy and filthy over time, the first step should be cleaning it. Mix a mild soap-and-water solution and use a soft brush or sponge to scrub down its surfaces; once completed, rinse well to avoid harsh abrasives from damaging its finish.

Those looking to refresh the appearance of their powder coated furniture with car wax may give it an updated appearance by applying a coat on a sunny, warm day. When applied, enjoy your beautiful outdoor space!

Refinishing old powder coated patio furniture is an effective and economical way to maximize value of used items, and will fit right in with current decor as well as last for many years ahead.

Powder Coated

Patio Furniture Sanding

After years of outdoor enjoyment, patio furniture can start looking worn-down and stained from use. A new coat of powder coating can rejuvenate it back to looking brand new again!

Before powder coating furniture, first sand it to bare metal using fine grit sandpaper or chemical strippers and disposable brushes to speed up the process. Once done sanding is complete, wipe away any residual dust or dirt before leaving to dry completely before wiping clean again if necessary.

Maintaining your powder coated aluminum furniture requires regular care to extend its lifespan and prevent further oxidation. Wipe down each surface using a sponge or rag with warm water regularly to remove any dirt that has settled onto its surface, or apply car wax on an annual basis to protect its beauty.


Use a lint-free cloth dipped in cool soapy water to wipe down your furniture to remove dirt and grime, while being sure not to use harsh chemicals that may damage its powder coating or cause it to deteriorate and rust over time.

Once your furniture is dry, you are ready for powder coating. If using aluminum furniture as its substrate, self-etching primer may help the powder coat adhere better and bond more easily with it. High quality automotive wax may also help preserve its luster for cast aluminum pieces coated in powder coat.

Refurbishing old patio furniture found in your attic or garage with powder coating can transform it back to brand new condition, providing an economical way to obtain durable pieces that can be passed on from generation to generation. Once restored, this furniture can bring joyous memories back into your backyard or act as a centerpiece at a garden party!


Powder coating provides aluminum furniture with a hard and resilient exterior finish that withstands the elements, yet requires some care in order to remain in good condition.

Maintaining powder coated furniture requires regular, gentle washing with mild soap and water solutions to eliminate dirt build-up and prevent stains from setting in. Be wary not to scrub too aggressively as this could damage its finish.

If you detect scratches or chips in the finish of your patio furniture, it’s essential that they be addressed immediately in order to prevent metal from rusting and continue enjoying your patio set for years. Please reach out to your manufacturer for advice on how best to correct these areas.

Once your furniture has been cleaned and polished, waxing it is an excellent way to preserve its gloss while providing additional protection against environmental factors.

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