Where to Get Powder Coating Done Near Me

Powder coating is an efficient finish method requiring minimal operator training and supervision compared to other technologies, minimizing housekeeping issues such as clothing contamination while simultaneously offering cost savings.

Coatings can provide needed resistance against heat, cold damage and corrosion for metal parts in various industries including automotive, fabricated steel and office equipment.

Houston Powder Coaters

Houston Powder Coaters provide metal coating services for light poles to car parts. Their typical system comprises an epoxy primer and high-performance polyester topcoat; this combination provides greater resistance against chemical erosion, UV degradation and corrosion than wet paint while offering smoother finishes with cleaner finishes than standard wet painting techniques.

Outdoor furniture can take a beating in Texas’ harsh sun and winds, requiring professional refinishing services like those offered by Houston Powder Coaters to restore it back to its former condition. From chairs, tables, benches and ottomans – including metal ones! – to various pieces like chairs tables benches ottomans etc – Houston Powder Coaters provide custom designed solutions with different colors textures glosses effects for creating the desired look for each customer.

Powder coating offers a more robust and vibrant finish for metal pieces than liquid painting can, making them more cost-effective and quicker to apply than traditional painting methods. Eastwood HotCoat powder coating equipment lets you customize colors and finishes that will turn heads!


ABITL Industries in Oklahoma City provides custom sandblasting and powder coating services, with their high-volume automated powder coating line capable of finishing parts of any size – making them an industry leader for metal finishing. Their sandblasting services also accommodate pieces of any shape or size.

Powder coating provides an effective means of protecting steel and other materials against corrosion, weather damage, wear and tear. Furthermore, its more durable than paint application makes it ideal for many different industries and applications.

PCI certification is an extensive audit that reviews a shop’s equipment, processes and quality control capabilities to determine its ability to produce high-quality coated products. It demonstrates a company’s dedication to meeting industry quality standards.

Finding your way to Abitl Powder Coating Inc couldn’t be simpler with Moovit. With step-by-step directions and real-time bus, train, or subway schedules – no matter if traveling for business or pleasure – Moovit offers apps tailored specifically to each type of traveller.

Powder Coating


Powder coating utilizes electrostatic application to produce thicker and more durable layers than traditional liquid paints, providing thicker protection for different materials such as automotive parts, furniture or home appliances. Powder coats contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) so are environmentally-friendly while being both abrasion resistant and heat tolerant – two traits ideal for industries like automotive.

Starting a powder coating business requires investment, research and dedication. A suitable facility must be found along with high-quality equipment like powder coating booths, curing ovens and guns. Enroll in an effective training course like Joey Golliver’s class that offers both hands-on training as well as extensive industry knowledge to avoid making costly errors and save money in the future.

Powder-X Coating Systems is a leading global provider of powder coating equipment and industrial ovens. Their selection includes both standard and custom designed models for customers worldwide; additionally they provide technical support and training seminars. Based out of Murfreesboro, Tennessee with offices around the globe – their headquarters can be found here!

The Powder Coating Company

The Powder Coating Company provides an array of services to meet all of your coating needs. They specialize in powder coating, sandblasting and painting on various materials as well as offering reliable customer service with friendly staff members that understand each client has different requirements; their goal is always to deliver results that surpass those requirements.

Powder coating is a finishing process in which electrostatically charged dry powder particles are used to coat metal products, forming an impenetrable and durable barrier of protection. Furthermore, this finish emits no volatile organic compounds so is perfect for eco-conscious applications.

Surface preparation is the first step of powder coating. This can be accomplished chemically with a phosphate wash system or mechanically via sandblasting, depending on your chosen technique. Powder is then sprayed on to the metal and baked at 350degF in an oven for approximately 30 minutes until complete curing occurs. Powder coat finishes tend to be more durable and resistant against harsh environments than their wet paint counterparts.

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