How to Clean Powder Coated Outdoor Furniture

Powder coated outdoor furniture is generally more resistant to things such as rusting and corrosion, yet still needs regular cleaning with mild soap and water for best results. Harsh chemicals or harsh cleaning tools could damage the powder coating layer; for best results it’s best to stick to mild solutions such as soap and water when cleaning your powder coating furniture.

Use a hose to quickly rinse away loose debris before cleaning with mild cleaner mixed with water using soft cloth or brush where necessary. Rinse thoroughly afterward and allow the furniture to air-dry thoroughly before placing back in storage.

Pre-cleaning rinse

Powder coating is more resilient than paint and stands up well to weather and cleaning conditions; however, harsh chemicals can damage it over time.

Start off by giving your furniture a quick rinse with either a hose or power washer set to low settings – this should loosen any dirt that might damage it as you clean. This should also help loosen up any debris that might scratch up its finish when cleaning is completed.

Next, combine a mild soap solution with water in a bucket. Use non-abrasive sponge or brush to apply this solution directly onto your furniture. After rinsing off with clean water to eliminate soap residues and rinse again thoroughly afterward for extra cleaning power, consider applying car wax as additional protection from things such as oxidation and fading; with proper care your furniture should maintain its vibrant beauty for many years to come!

Mild soap solution

Powder coating is very resilient and can withstand many of the elements such as UV exposure, chlorinated water and salt air, but still requires periodic washing with mild soap solution to extend its lifespan and preserve its beauty. Doing this regularly will extend both its lifetime and your furniture’s aesthetic appeal.

Avoid harsh chemical cleaners that could potentially damage powder coating, and instead use mild soap and water solutions or sponge to wipe down surfaces and then thoroughly rinse to get rid of any soap residues.

If your furniture is especially dirty or is due for an overhaul, use a soft-bristled brush with soft bristles to scrub its surfaces before thoroughly rinsing again. Next, consider applying a coat of clear automobile wax as this will protect it against future oxidation and staining while giving an added sheen – you can find this kind of product both online and at most hardware stores – just be sure to follow its label instructions to use properly!

Oxidation removal

Clean your powder coated furniture regularly to reduce oxidation, and if any occurs it must be treated immediately as any unattended areas can lead to severe corrosion that will shorten its life and shorten its useful life span.

Powder coating is an extremely long-lasting protective finish designed to extend the lifespan of metal surfaces such as aluminum. When used outdoors, this layer helps protect it against chipping, scratching and corrosion – which requires proper care when cleaning it using appropriate cleaning solutions in order for its finish to remain in great shape for as long as possible.

Regular cleaning should involve using a low-pressure pressure washer with filtered water. Tap water may contain harmful dissolved minerals like fluoride, sulfur dioxide and chloramines which may leave permanent stains on powder coated surfaces.

Rinse off any soap residue using clean water; apply car wax as necessary for further oxidation protection.


Powder coating provides a more robust solution than paint in protecting metal from corrosion while giving them an appealing aesthetic. However, without proper care for outdoor furniture in restaurants using powder coating finishes such as powder coating may eventually lose its sheen over time and cause corrosion issues to arise.

Regular cleaning can help your furniture remain looking its best. Use a soft lint-free cloth dipped in cool soapy water to remove dirt and grime that accumulates on surfaces, then rinse using either a garden hose or low pressure setting on a pressure washer for best results.

If oxidation does occur, mineral spirits such as paint thinner or lacquer thinner can help restore your furniture to its former beauty by gently rubbing away oxidation and returning its shine.

Be sure to perform a trial run for any cleaning solution or chemical stripper prior to applying it to furniture. Also use safety glasses, respirator mask, and gloves when working with these chemicals, and resist the urge to touch up chips or abrasions with touch-up paint as this will only diminish its look and decrease its lifespan.

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