How Can You Powder Coat Exhaust Headers?

Powder coating can provide your exhaust with added heat protection while giving it a high-quality appearance. Powder coating offers durability, comes in different colors and textures and gives your bike an attractive finish.

But keep in mind that your header could reach temperatures exceeding 450degF during use, which may cause powder coat to melt unless protected with high-temp powder coatings. For this reason, it’s essential that a high-temp powder coating be chosen for best results.


Powder coating provides an economical, flexible and aesthetic way to add custom styling to exhaust headers. Powder coat comes in various colors and finishes that make this an appealing option for those seeking custom aesthetics.

Powder coating can be an expensive process when applied to large parts, as it requires an oven that can cost up to $19,000; furthermore, powder itself can be quite pricey.

High-heat spray paint offers similar thermal properties at much reduced costs; however, this method doesn’t provide as much durability or corrosion protection as ceramic coating.

One common alternative to powder coating is exhaust wrap. This fabric material adheres to an exhaust pipe for added visual impact; often found on chopper style motorcycles. While not as effective at managing heat, exhaust wrap is inexpensive and gives your car an individual look.


Powder coating is durable and can withstand high temperatures, making it the ideal material to use on exhaust headers. Furthermore, powder coating provides an additional protective layer against moisture and corrosion that could otherwise wear away at their structure over time. Plus, with numerous colors and finishes to choose from powder coating offers endless customisation opportunities!

Powder coating may not be as durable and may discolor under exposure to extreme temperatures. Ceramic coating costs more, but can withstand such extreme conditions while protecting against corrosion in exhaust systems.

Another alternative to powder coating is exhaust wrap, which involves wrapping high-temperature fabric around an exhaust system to protect it from the elements and manage heat better than powder coating or chrome plating can. While popular among chopper-style bikes, exhaust wrap may not be as efficient at managing heat as powder coating or chrome plating; additionally, its maintenance may prove challenging and more costly than either option. Before opting for exhaust wrap it’s essential that any corrosion be eliminated first before applying its protective coat.

How Can You Powder Coat Exhaust Headers?


Powder coating your exhaust can easily add a personalized touch and set your car apart from others. Powder coating comes in various colors and finishes, giving you complete freedom when customizing its appearance.

Powder coating offers an environmentally-friendly alternative that produces minimal waste, providing long-lasting finishes resistant to heat and corrosion.

Powder coating does not offer the same level of thermal protection as ceramic coating. Ceramic coating provides effective heat management that safeguards surfaces against heat damage while limiting how much heat permeates their substrate and dissipating more quickly than raw metal can do.

Espos Powder Coating offers superior and long-term powder coating services in New Jersey. Their team uses only top quality high temperature coatings applied with precision for an unrivalled finish.


Powder coating your exhaust headers is an effective way of protecting them from corrosion. By creating a hard-wearing protective barrier against heat and environmental elements, powder coating helps extend their showroom-quality appearance for years longer while blocking oxygen and moisture from reaching their way into metal, which would otherwise lead to rusting.

if there is existing rust on your exhaust, it’s essential that it be removed prior to applying powder coat. A wire brush or degreaser are effective ways of doing this, then after all of the rust has been eliminated you should apply primer in order to prepare its surface for application of the powder coating.

There are various alternatives to powder coating your exhaust, such as ceramic coats and chrome finishes, but powder coating stands out from these alternatives by handling high temperatures without chipping, offering more colors and textures, and standing up better against corrosion than alternatives such as exhaust wraps.

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