Who Powder Coats Wheels Near Me?

Most drivers take great pride in the look of their vehicle, from its vibrant paint job to the meticulous interior design. Nothing adds more upscaleness than a set of eye- catching wheels to round off this luxurious vehicle look.

Powder coating is an environmentally-friendly finishing method with superior durability, surpassing other options such as painting.

Aluminum powder coating

Powder coating is an ideal way to add some flair and sophistication to any vehicle, as its color options are limitless, while its durability surpasses any paint job on wheels – protecting them against rust, scratches, and any potential damages that might occur over time.

Aluminum powder coat wheels offer an upscale aesthetic that makes them suitable for sports cars, Jeeps and 3/4-ton trucks. Powder coating can be time-consuming and its costs vary based on wheel size; to get optimal results it is essential that a specialist be chosen who can deliver quality work and produce top results.

Expertly-applied powder coat finishes can usually last 15-20 years under normal circumstances, although this timeframe may differ due to factors like UV exposure or heavy wear/tear. Over time, powder-coated rims will fade and scratch just like any other set on the road.


Steel powder coating provides an extremely durable, long-term finish ideal for metal products like wheels, automotive parts and bike rims. This finish is more resistant to moisture, chemicals and UV rays than traditional paint, making cleaning simpler while keeping rims looking brand new for longer.

Wheel powder coating is an environmentally-friendly way to create strong and attractive finishes on aluminum and steel rims, using less volatile organic compounds than conventional painting methods.

Before the wheel powder coating process begins, your wheels will be chemically stripped and sandblasted with 80-120 grit aluminum oxide to remove contamination and rust on them. A clear coat lacquer will then be applied to protect it against scratches or any damage during application and will then be baked off in an oven to achieve an even and seamless surface finish.

Custom Colors

Powder coating wheels is an increasingly popular choice among car owners seeking eye-catching wheels that protect from corrosion and harsh weather conditions. Not only does powder coating add aesthetic value, it can also protect rims against damage.

Powder coating is more durable than liquid paints and powder coaters offer a wide selection of colors – even custom ones if desired! Popular options for powder coat finishes include black, blue, candy gold, copper, fluorescent grey gunmetal metallic red pink rainbow as some examples.

Powder coating may be expensive, but the investment pays off over time. When choosing your powder coating specialist it is essential that they deliver exceptional service and produce outstanding results – finding such professionals will save money in repairs over time, make your rims look their best, and increase trade-in values at trade-in time.


Powder coating is a long-term coating solution for metal products like wheels. Sprayed electrostatically and baked in an oven, powder coating provides a hard finish resistant to moisture, chemicals, ultraviolet light and other environmental elements; powder-coated wheels also resist fading and scratching better than their uncoated counterparts.

Powder coat wheels add a distinctive flair to any vehicle, whether that means cars, trucks, SUVs, Jeeps or sports car drivers looking to show off their personal style.

Powder coated wheels have proven especially popular among these groups of drivers who wish to express themselves through unique styling choices.

Powder coating can help improve the aesthetics and friction reduction between tires and roads, powder coating is an ideal choice. The process is quick and simple with lifetime warranties on its results – plus it’s less expensive than buying new wheels!

However, it’s essential that a reputable company with ample experience be chosen in order to ensure that your wheels will come back looking their best after powdering.

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