Where Can I Get My Wheels Powder Coated?

Powder coating provides wheels and rims with a hardy, long-term solution that withstands the demands of driving. Powder coat forms an irreversible mechanical bond which resists chipping, scratching and corrosion better than liquid paint finishes.

Electrostatically charged ground particles are applied to surfaces and baked to form an hard and long-term coating.


Powder coating your wheels can be an eco-friendly alternative. It provides a thicker mechanical bond than traditional paint and can withstand the elements and hazards associated with road travel, meaning your wheels will last longer without needing repairs as a result.

Powder coating can make wheels and metal components look their best. At OpenThrottle, they offer an extensive selection of colors – metallics and gloss levels can add character and luster. In addition, there’s even the option of clear powder coat for additional protection and shine!

Before your rims can be powder coated, they must first be thoroughly cleaned and free from cracks and marks. Next, electrostatically applied powder coating is applied electrostatically before baking in an oven to create a tough yet environmentally- friendly coating that resists flaking, chipping and peeling while using no harmful chemicals and emitting less pollution than liquid paint would do.


Powder coating is a durable finish designed to withstand daily driving wear and tear as well as corrosion and weathering, helping extend its lifespan. Plus, this eco- friendly process uses no solvents or emit volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere!

Powder coating begins with electrically charged ground particles made up of color pigment and resin being sprayed onto your wheels’ surfaces with electrical charge, followed by baking in order to allow them to blend and cure, yielding a hard, protective surface that looks fantastic.

Powder coating differs from traditional liquid paints in that it can withstand the rigors of driving better, making it an excellent option for wheels subjected to frequent impacts that cause them to bend. Furthermore, this process protects them against moisture, chemicals, and ultraviolet rays – something traditional liquid paint cannot do! It can even be applied on steel and aluminum rims.


While paint may give your wheels a beautiful finish, powder coating offers much longer-term durability and does not rely on solvents or volatile organic compounds that could potentially harm both human health and the environment – making this method of application much more eco-friendly than paint in areas with stringent environmental regulations.

Powder coating uses electrostatically charged pigments applied by spraying onto wheels before being baked in an oven, creating an ultra-smooth and tough finish which can withstand weather damage. Plus, its greater efficiency means nearly all material on an item is utilized by this process!

Powder coating wheels is an invaluable investment for any vehicle, both visually and financially. Not only will it upgrade their look and increase resale value, but its resistance to weather damage makes it far less susceptible to flaking paint jobs than its traditional counterpart. Expertly applied powder coating can last 20+ years while being highly resistant against chemicals like brake fluid that eat away at traditional surfaces.


Powder coating your car wheels is an affordable and eco-friendly way to give them a distinctive custom look. Additionally, this method uses less volatile organic compounds (VOC) than traditional painting processes.

Electrostatically charging ground particles of pigments and resin creates an electrostatic field which allows these particles to be sprayed onto any material of choice and then baked to form an attractive finish.

Wheels & rims endure harsh elements, heat and scratches on a daily basis. Powder coating offers extra protection by repelling chemicals like brake fluid and heat better.

Powder coating four wheels or rims typically costs between $400 and $1200, with costs depending on their size or extent of damage. A custom quote will be provided before beginning this process.

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