How Much Does It Cost to Powder Coat Motorcycle Rims?

Powder coating your rims is an eye-catching way to add extra protection and style to your wheels, creating an eye-catching appearance while adding lasting value. However, unlike paint jobs which can be completed at home on any given day in your garage, powder coating requires professional assistance. Cost should also be taken into consideration; read on to understand more about what it costs to powder coat motorcycle rims.

Cost of Materials

Powder coating is not a universal process; therefore, the cost of materials to coat your rims will differ based on their size and complexity. Larger wheels typically require more material for coating; additionally, longer cure times increase costs dramatically.

Color of Your Rims Powder coating shops usually offer an assortment of powder coating colors; however, one or more may not meet your exact color needs; therefore you’ll have to shop around or seek another company who can deliver.

If you’re sending in your rims for powder coating, the costs associated with transport and return could add up quickly if they’re large or heavy rims. To save yourself some hassle and expenses, look for a local powder coating company with mobile service and opt for their mobile services instead.

Cost of Preparation

Powder coating is an attractive and long-term alternative to liquid paint for metal items like motorcycle rims. Powder coating offers several advantages over its liquid counterpart: easier maintenance, superior resistance against oxidation and corrosion protection and greater longevity are among them.

Powder coating rims requires preparation that requires time and effort, often at a greater expense for larger wheels than smaller rims. As larger rims require more effort for preparation, their costs often reflect this increased effort in their price tags.

Sandblasting will then be performed to strip away old paint and prepare the surface for powder coating. This process typically takes one or two hours per rim and can become quite expensive if more than one needs doing. You should also consider whether you would like a clear coat applied; this top layer finish covers over your color coat and comes in various gloss levels.

Cost of Coating

Powder coating is an affordable and long-term alternative to painting that comes in various colors. When properly applied, powder coat will protect wheels from the elements while also increasing value of your bike. A good powder coat job will protect wheels from rusting and add value.

Powder coating costs are lower than spray painting but still can be costly depending on the size and type of rims as well as desired colors – with more extravagant hues costing more.

Powder coating motorcycle rims is something you can send through the mail, but for optimal results it is best to visit a local shop. They will abrasively sandblast them before prepping them for powder coating and applying the finish; larger rims may require special hooks.

Powder coating requires a smooth surface, so the frame must first be stripped back down to its chassis using chemical strippers and media blasting.

Cost of Shipping

Powder coating provides an ultra-protective layer that’s less likely to chip or peel, protecting the metal of rims in an array of color choices. Though powder coating may not be as flexible in terms of customization as paint, you may have to shop around until you find a shop offering your ideal shade of powder coating.

Powder coating the wheel of a motorcycle depends on both its size and type of rim. Larger rims may cost more due to additional labor involved in etching and powder coating them, while certain spoked or laced wheels cannot be taken apart to be powder coated due to being spoked or lashed together, meaning their parts cannot be easily separated for powder coating.

Powder coating your bike’s rims is an effective way to maintain their aesthetic appeal while safeguarding them against damage. Furthermore, this option makes cleanup much simpler – an invaluable benefit for riders who spend significant time riding in wet environments.

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