How Much to Powder Coat Motorcycle Wheels

Wheel rims take an extraordinary amount of punishment from gravel, gunk, and brake dust build-up over time, leading to damage and chipping of paint. Powder coating protects them while adding an aesthetic element to your bike’s design.

Powder coating differs from regular paint in that it doesn’t contain VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), which can be hazardous to both lungs and the environment. Unfortunately, however, powder coating can be pricey.


Powder coating your bike components is an easy and economical way to add some flair and character to your ride. Powder coating lasts longer than paint while looking better too; plus it comes in any color you desire making it truly customizable!

Powder coating can be more expensive than paint due to its more complex application process and should always be done by professionals with experience and a track record of happy customers. When hiring one for this task, make sure the shop you select has experience as well as happy customer testimonials.

Some individuals may fear that the heat from the baking process will melt aluminum or other materials, but this should not be a worry. Most wheels made of aluminum can be powder coated easily. Powder coating is more durable than spray paint but can still be damaged by scratches or environmental elements and requires more time and skill to touch up if damaged.


Powder coating your motorcycle is an excellent way to customize its appearance, yet the process does take more time than traditional painting jobs due to needing to strip and clean the wheels prior to preparation – something best left in the hands of professionals.

When searching for a powder coater, it’s essential to look for one with an excellent track record and ask to see examples of their work. Furthermore, ensure your chosen shop features high-quality spray guns and ovens specifically for curing purposes.

Quality powder coat should last 15-20 years with proper care, though no guarantees can be given regarding color fade or scratching over time. Therefore, it’s crucial that a quote be obtained prior to beginning any project so as to better decide whether powder coating is right for your needs – these prices include media blasting (sandblasting) costs as well as standard preparation costs as well as your choice of in-stock powder color from our stock options – special orders incur an additional charge.

Motorcycle Wheels


Rims of your bike are some of the most exposed components, exposed to dirt, rocks, brake dust and more. Powder coating offers greater durability and chip-resistance than paint when it comes to customization options, making powder coat an excellent long-term choice.

Powder coating wheels isn’t something you can accomplish overnight in your garage it requires time and patience. Disassembling, sandblasting and prepping wheels before powder coating them takes time; unlike dropping off rims at a shop and picking them back up several days later.

Powder coating may cost more than painting, but will last longer and look more professional. When selecting a powder coating shop, be sure they have experience and can demonstrate some examples of their work. Taking the time to find the ideal shop will pay dividends down the road; investing in quality workmanship ensures your powder-coated wheels will last as long as possible.


Your motorcycle rims endure severe punishment from rocks, gunk, and dirt, leading to chipped and corrosion damage over time. As traditional paint can chip or peel over time, individuals have turned to powder coating as an alternative form of protection – offering more durable results and reduced repair costs.

Powder coating is more durable and eco-friendly than paint, as it does not contain harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Furthermore, cleaning powder coating requires no abrasive tools.

Powder coating may appear expensive, but it is an investment worth making if you want your wheels to last.

Before beginning any powder coating job, the rims must first be thoroughly cleaned and sandblasted to ensure that their new finish will adhere well. Sandblasting typically takes one or two hours per wheel. After being treated with chemicals to clean away debris, wheels are then placed into an oven at an appropriate temperature to cure their powder coat – all inclusive in our cost.

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