How Long Does It Take to Powder Coat Rims?

Powder coating your vehicle rims can protect them against harsh road conditions by creating a durable protective covering that resists chipping, scuffing and yellowing.

Long Island drivers benefit greatly from this type of treatment as our roads can often be very harsh. To make an informed decision, it’s important to understand all aspects of this process so you can make an educated choice.


Before applying a powder coating to your wheels, they must first be properly prepared. First, any old paint or coating will be stripped using either chemical stripping tanks or material blasting, creating a suitable surface for powder application. Next, once prepped they will be washed to remove dirt or contaminants which might impair its effectiveness and begin the powder coating process.

Once grounded and charged, rims should be grounded to create a static charge to help the powder adhere more securely to tight corners and crevices of rims. Once this has taken place, powder should be sprayed onto them before baking at 400 degrees to ensure proper curing of bond.

Powder coating provides an appealing and long-term finish on rims, which resists chipping, cracking and fading more effectively than traditional spray paint solutions. Powder coating creates a thick protective coat which resists chipping, cracking and fading much better than its liquid counterpart.

Powder Coat Rims


At this step, wheels are coated in powder using an electrostatic gun with positive charge powder that adheres to negatively charged surfaces on wheels or rims to form a solid coating. Once applied, these rims are then put in an oven for curing; typically taking between 20-30 minutes depending on product used.

Once cooled to room temperature, any extra making tapes or plugs from lug holes (or) valve stems are removed before performing a quality control inspection, which includes looking out for signs of wear or damage before selling to customers.

Powder coating your rims is an effective way to protect them from wear and damage on the road, lasting much longer than traditional paint jobs with proper care and upkeep. In fact, with proper application a powder-coated finish can last 15-20 years! Finding a reliable shop with experienced staff is key.


Once your wheels have been blasted and prepared for powder coating, they will be ready for this specialized process. As powder coating requires expert knowledge of using equipment correctly, it is vitally important that a shop specializing in powder coating offers experience working with rims as well as one that has a license and insurance for this endeavor.

Powder coatings are applied to wheels and rims using an electrostatic spray gun, giving the powder an electric charge which causes it to adhere with the negatively charged surface of the wheel or rim and adhere to it. Following application, these pieces of metal are placed into an oven for curing purposes.

Curing typically takes 20-30 minutes in a powder coating oven. Curing offers an affordable way to revitalize and extend the lifespan of liquid painted rims, while resisting chipping, fading and scratching as well as chemicals corrosion and UV rays. Powder coated rims also resist chemicals corrosion UV radiation and have excellent chip resistance properties.


Cure and dry rims are thoroughly inspected to detect any imperfections such as bumps or discoloration that might have occurred during production, and any defects (e.g. bumps or discoloration) are then either smoothed out or recoated as soon as possible. This quality control step ensures consumers receive only top quality products and service at their price points.

Now, your wheels are prepared for their final powder coat – usually thicker and more durable than their basecoat – which typically entails masking off areas which should not be coated, such as lug holes and valve stems, for instance. Extra masking tape or plugs may be added to protect tyre bead, which is especially crucial when working with low profile tires that have difficulty sitting snugly against their rims.

Professionally applied powder-coated wheels typically last 15-20 years before needing repairs or replacement, outlasting painted wheels by approximately double.

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