How to Clean Powder Coated Aluminum Patio Furniture

Aluminum outdoor furniture often comes equipped with powder coating to protect it against chips, scratches and corrosion. If your aluminum furniture develops white spots or calcium buildup on its surface, repainting with special powder coated touch- up paint can restore its luster and renew its look.

Regular maintenance is key to avoiding more serious, more expensive problems from emerging. Here are some helpful tips for maintaining powder coated aluminum patio furniture:

Pre-Cleaning Rinse

Cleaning powder coated aluminum furniture regularly to keep its beautiful finish requires regular and meticulous care, with frequent dusting to eliminate dirt that can scratch or mark its surface. Harsh chemicals and cleaners may damage its coating; mild soap, bucket of water and cloth or sponge are safe ways of keeping patio furniture clean without leaving behind stains and discolorations.

Start your cleaning off right by conducting a pre-rinse with warm water and mild dish soap, to loosen any debris or stains on the surface prior to wiping down and rinsing down your aluminum furniture using soapy water – this will leave it with an impressive shine after it has been rinsed thoroughly, and polished using an aluminum wax for added shine.

How to Clean Powder Coated Aluminum Patio Furniture

Mild Dish Soap

At first, when cleaning powder coated aluminum patio furniture, start by wiping it down with a dry cloth to remove dust particles and food or drink marks left by food or beverages. Though this method does have its drawbacks – like too much rubbing can spread the marks further and damage surfaces – it remains an effective and simple way of keeping aluminum furniture tidy.

Alternately, mild dish soap can also be used to clean aluminum patio furniture. Be sure to choose a non-abrasive cleaner, as abrasives can damage powder coating. Once scrubbed, be sure to rinse off thoroughly and allow your furniture to air dry completely before applying car wax for an aesthetically pleasing lusterous shine.


If your powder coated aluminum patio furniture is showing signs of wear and tear, now may be the time for a thorough cleaning. No special cleaners or tools are needed; simple household supplies will suffice!

As with all furniture maintenance projects, aluminum patio furniture requires regular pre-cleaning in order to remove loose debris. You can do this with either a low setting hose or power washer rinse, as well as using mild soap and water solution with soft brush or cloth washing. A layer of car wax will further protect its surface and keep it looking glossy for years! By following these simple methods you’ll ensure years of enjoyment from your aluminum patio furniture!

Power Washer

Power washers can be essential tools in cleaning powder coated aluminum patio furniture. When regular methods fall short of doing the trick, power washing provides deep clean that dislodges entrenched dirt from furniture’s pores to restore vibrancy and bring back its vibrancy.

Powder coated aluminum may be highly resistant to corrosion, but regular cleaning is still vital in maintaining its luster and longevity. Harsh chemical cleaners may damage powder coating; but mild dish soap and a power washer make cleaning simple! Just remember to rinse and dry your patio furniture well afterwards to avoid moisture buildup and consider waxing it after each cleaning as this helps further protect it against rusting.

Car Wax

Harsh chemicals and cleaners may damage powder coated aluminum surfaces, so it’s wise to opt for mild dish soap as an effective means of cleaning off dirt, grime and stains without risking irreparable damage to its coating.

Car wax provides a good way to refresh the furniture and restore its luster while providing additional protection from harsh weather elements and sun damage.

Repainting aluminum may seem simple enough, but adhesion issues may make the task challenging due to how powder coating is applied; polyester micro-beads melt and adhere directly to aluminum before it cools, leaving less malleability than other metals. Therefore, pre-cleaning is absolutely crucial before beginning painting aluminum surfaces.

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